Vindana IVF

Vindana IVF Program is the most successful IVF / Test tube baby program in Sri Lanka. Vindana IVF program delivered Sri Lankaís first ever IVF / test tube baby in 1999 and Success with more 100 babies speaks for itself when choosing Vindana IVF.

We use a team approach to deliver the highest quality service in a supportive and compassionate environment where we continually strive for the optimum success rates.

Vindana IVF team always lead the way in the advancement of technology and find new ways to bring down the cost of IVF so every Sri Lankan couple can afford it.

Our caring approach and highest technology will give you the best possible chance to have a baby. So feel free to call our IVF Coordinator Dr. Champa Nelson for further details.

In Vindana IVF, womanís eggs are collected and fertilized with her partnerís sperm (or donated sperm ) in a laboratory. The fertilized eggs (embryos) are then put into her womb to implant and she becomes pregnant. This treatment is especially suitable for women with unexplained infertility, blocked fallopian tubes, or where other treatments such as fertility drugs or IUI, have been unsuccessful. A clinic may recommend using donated eggs for women who are over 40.

ICSI (intra- cytoplasmic  sperm injection)

ICSI is the biggest advance in fertility treatment since IVF. It is not a treatment in itself, but is used in conjunction with IVF. ICSI involves injection a single sperm into the centre of an egg. Giving it the best chance of fertilizing. It is often recommended if the male partner has a very low sperm count or if other problems with the sperm have been identified .It can also be used if there are very few eggs collected from the women that appear capable of being fertilized.


Surrogacy is where another woman carries your baby for you. The baby can either be conceived by IUI (see above ), using the surrogateís eggs and your partnerís sperm Alternatively, the surrogate can ha IVF treatment, with embryos created from your eggs and your partnerís sperm, or from eggs donated by another women (not the surrogate ) and your partnerís sperm. Surrogacy is a very complicated legal area, and you will need to get legal advice before you go ahead. However, surrogacy can be the only real option for women who have a medical condition that means it would be dangerous or impossible for them to undergo a pregnancy or give birth. Some women also choose this option if they have been unsuccessful with IVF.

Donor eggs

Some women are unable to produce their own eggs. This might be because they have gone through the menopause early Ė as young as 20. Some of our patients have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer which has left them infertile. Other women have genetic conditions which they do not want to pass on to their children. Unless a donor comes forward we are unable to help them.

Donor should be under 36 years of age, in good health, preferably having your own family and with no history of genetic disorders. Many women consider donation their eggs when they are sterilized for example.

Egg sharing

Egg sharing provides IVF treatment for infertile couples who are prepared to share some of their eggs. At Vindana we have drastically reduced the cost of IVF for such couples

The donor must be under 36 years of age, with an FSH (blood hormone level ) of less than 8. She should have no serious genetic problems or a history of ovarian disease o surgery.

This is performed as an anonymous arrangement.

Embryo Donations

Egg and embryo donation has become an integral part of the management of infertility for those couples who were previously considered unable to conceive. Women who are unable to produce or use their own eggs require donated eggs o embryos for various reasons including: premature menopause; a risk of genetic abnormality if the woman is a carrier of a genetic disorder; poor ovarian response to hormone stimulation; absence of the ovaries or ovarian failure due to chemotherapy and or radiotherapy treatment. If the Man has a low sperm count or no sperm then embryo donation offers a solution to their combined fertility problems.

Embryos are donated by couples who have themselves been through IVF treatment and wish their remaining frozen embryos to be used to help another infertile couple. We try as far as possible to match your physical characteristics with those of the embryo donors
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